It is our priority to operate safely. Every flight is done as per the regulations set out by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

18mm in partnership with UAV Industries are fully licensed and insured to operate drones legally under UAVI's umbrella ROC license.

UAVI have full operational control over all RPAS aerial operations, meaning the part 101 regulations forms the heart of our operations. UAV Industries provides the platform & the operational staff in their respected positions to fufil the requirements set out by SACAA. They form the legal backbone of our operations, allowing us to focus on what we do best - flying cameras.


             General things to consider when booking for any drone aerial shoot.          


Visual Line of sight: V-LOS

For safety reasons and as per the regulations, the aircraft is to be flown within the pilot's visual line of sight at all times. This is normally 500 meters or less. If further distances are required, observers can be utillised to extend that range safely.

Aircraft Max Speed:

The max speed will be determined based on the shot required and the aircraft in use, but generally the max speed is between 60 - 80km per hour.

Responsible flying:

Safety is our main priority. Flights will be conducted once the necessary site inspections have been done and once the required permissions have been secured. We will always aim to capture the shots required whilst ensuring safe flight operations, which is something we are reputable for.

Legal Requirements:

Regulations as set out by SACAA need to be adhered to. For example, we are required to have land owner permission before any flight can take place. If you are looking for shots higher than 400ft or your location is within a controlled airspace, we are required to submit a flight plan & request permission for flexible use of airspace with ATNS - Air Traffic Navigation Services, as well as secure approval from ATC - Air Traffic Control for a window to operate within these limitations.

Weather conditions:

Weather is unpredictable however our pilots will assess the weather during flight planning several days before the shoot, as well as before flights commence. Alternative dates will be suggested should the weather not be conducive for flying. The Pilot always has the final say.

Should you require any further clarity, click on the link below, or get in touch with us.


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